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We Are RubySkye Music

Jeff Turner-Graham grew up playing music.  From the age of 9 he studied music in one form or another.  He played drums and sang in rock/blues bands for many years.  He started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 19 in order to accompany himself as he played songs by James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Neil Young.  This music also inspired him to make the move from Buffalo, New York to Santa Barbara, California when he was 20.  He had visions of the “California lifestyle”!  

Meanwhile, in Santa Barbara, California, Gail grew up playing classical piano and singing in choirs.  Gail and Jeff, met, married and raised a family.  And then, started a band!  Not the usual order of things.  Jeff likes to tell the story of his guitar.  In 2016, Gail got a bonus at work and drove straight to a music store, where she bought a Gibson J45 guitar for Jeff.  The beautiful, new guitar inspired Jeff and he became much more serious about being an accomplished guitarist.  

After about a year, Gail got tired of being an observer and wanted to participate.  So she bought an acoustic bass guitar…and RubySkye Music was born.  After the passing of another year, Gail was playing the upright bass.   Both Gail and Jeff continue to grow and evolve as musicians.  And they are enjoying playing music for friends, they hope to see you at an event soon…

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